Our dialer program flexibility is second to none.  Giving you all the options you need to succeed!

Choosing a proper dialer program that is going to satisfy your business needs can be a daunting task.  How would you like to save time, save money, all while seeing your production and/or sales quadruple?  We have built Dialermax from the ground up with amazing robust technology that simplifies, yet maximizes productivity.  With so many unique options built into our platform you will have the flexibility to customize your options to perfectly fit the needs of your business.  Below is a chart of what you can look forward to!

Compare our dialer program options below to see which plan suits you the best.

Plan Options

Dialermax Lite

Dialermax Plus

Dialermax Pro

One line dialer

Two line dialer

Three line dialer

Four line dialer

Transfer to closer accounts




Add pics, videos, slideshows to emails

Calling reports and campaign stats

Ability to avoid answering machines

Call with landline or mobile

Call using soft phone

Call recording

Call conference features

external - free

external - free

external - free

Campaign, list, and sound management

Change caller I.D.

Click to call dialing

Client management integrated CRM

Cloud based for access anywhere

CRM integration support

Custom dispositions

Customer history and audio notes

Daily planner for appts. and call reminders

Email and chat support

Daily planner synch with gmail and outlook

Email blasts, drip emails, emails real time

FTC call abandonment meter

FTC compliance time zone protection

Leads via CSV spreadsheet

Import leads - lead vendors with API integration

Live customer support

Mac compatible

Pre-record msgs for answering machines

Real-time lead alerts

Real time reporting and agent stats

Monthly Price

$89 Unlimited Usuage

$139 Unlimited Usage

$149 Unlimited Usage


* Note when checking out you may see the company name The Lead Champion.  The Lead Champion is the parent company of Dialermax.com

Want more savings?  Purchase any of our dialer options yearly and receive TWO MONTHS FREE

Want to view our dialer program in action before you purchase? Not a problem, we have awebinars every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. eastern to show off our platforms power.  To watch a live demo please CLICK HERE about ten minutes before the start of the webinar to hear some additional exclusive offers.  This is not a training webinar but simply an overview of how our dialer program functions with the built in features and benefits. If you are a existing customer and would like detailed training on how to use our program please contact sales support at 1-336-442-7314 anytime between the hours of 9-5 Mon. - Fri. eastern standard time.  We look forward to working with you!

Dialermax Sales Team