Frequently Asked Questions About

If you feel you have a frequently asked question that does not appear in the list below please contact or call 1.336.422.7314.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for
Our products, the dialer crm solution, ranges between $89-149$.

How do I sign up?
Just visit our dialer program section and click on any product, you can then select how you would like the billing, we offer options from monthly or yearly subscriptions.

How does it work?
We are a web-based software, all you have to do is login to your account, have a landline, VOIP, cellular line, or access to the internet and we will give you a code to login into our telephone services and you’re ready to start dialing!

Do you offer training?
Absolutely! We offer a LIVE training session at 2pm EST Monday through Friday. You can also give us a call any time during our business hours and we can walk you through everything ourselves!

Do you have a referral program?
Of course! If you refer a friend just contact us BEFORE you have your friend purchase their product and we’ll give you a $25 credit or $25 off your next billing cycle!

Do you have minimum requirements for hardware?
Yes, you must have at least 2GB of RAM and a Dual Core Processor. We work with both Windows and Mac computers. Since our system is web-based we don’t have many requirements, however if you plan to use a softphone please check the software requirements before purchasing our dialer crm solution. It’ll save you from a major headache down the road!

Is there an internet browser you recommend?
We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, these two work best with our system.  

To install Mozilla Firefox please visit

To install Google Chrome visit

How can I contact you?
Give us a call! Or email us! Send us a letter if you want to! We’re here for you!
Our phone number is 1.336.422.7314. You can email us at Our address is P.O. Box 585 Linwood, NC 27299. We’re open Monday through Friday between 9am – 5pm EST.

Am I going to be stuck in a long-term commitment or contract?
No! Your subscription can be canceled at anytime!

How do I cancel?
We hate to see you leave! But you can send in your cancellation to or if you have our dialer crm solution you can cancel within your account as well. **Please note: We do not take any cancellations over the phone!**

How can I get a refund?
We offer refunds only if you cancel on your billing date or 48 hours after your billing date, including weekends.

Do you create accounts over the weekend or after hours?
No, unfortunately no one is in the office over the weekend or after hours. However we will process any orders first thing in the morning!