If you're ready to launch your business to the next level, then our DIALER will have you soaring to new heights!

"Finally, a revolutionary, powerful, easy to use hosted dialer that delivers proven results. Our state of the art technology was the best kept secret in the industry......until now!"  Tim Hawley President/CEO

Why are we the TOP RATED dialer in the industry?

In order to fully understand the power of Dialermax, you first must understand our company and how this state-of-the-art technology even came to fruition. Back in 2000 our owner opened a 40 seat call center prospecting for potential clients in many different industries such as insurance, real estate, auotmobiles, an even did some pro bono work for political campaigns.  At first, the only option available to call was about four inches long and was attached to a hand.  Though successful, it became glaringly obvious the future was not creeping along at a snails pace and keeping track of leads manually.  Surely, we thought, there must be a better, more productive way to generate leads, save time, and money...sound familiar?  Just like you, we needed a high tech easy to use platform with built in lead tracking and management capabilities if we were ever going to take our business to the next level.

So the search began.....and began again.....and again.....and again looking for that one magic rabbit in the hat that could help us.  Every system that was tried had some pro's but the con's were overwhelming.  A business can not operate effectively with technology that has constant glitches, poor customer service, poor telephone signal, cumbersome and hard to use interfaces, and worst of all system outages or crashes.  Our worst fear as salespeople, prospectors, or marketing professionals is running out of qualified people to speak to, wouldn't you agree?

Doing business the old fashioned way or using an inferior dialer in the long run will end up costing you priceless amounts of potential customers and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and potential savings.  Just like you who prospects day in and day out, or spends a lot of time of the telephone, we were searching for an advantage that would launch or business and productivity to new heights.  That's when we decided to take matters into our own hands, create our own destiny, generate a major advantage against any and all our competitors, and Dialermax was born!  You may be thinking, if Dialermax is so fantastic then why share it with others and let our secret out of the bag?  The answer is simple!  There are so many different applications for our dialer it would be impossible to corner any one market let alone the tens of thousands of markets our dialer can help.  There are at least 14 million salespeople in the USA today.  Many of these professionals struggle everyday to bring home a solid paycheck for them and their families. Others are wildly successful and are looking for a competative edge to break through a new ceiling in their career.  We believe strongly in paying it forward.  If we help enough people become successful, then by default we will be successful also. Nothing makes us more proud then hearing the hundreds of calls we get thanking us for improving their business.  Do you wish your production could quadruple all while saving time, headaches, and money?  If so, let us prove to you that we can help?  No where else will you be able to find the 35 benefits we have loaded into one complete dialer and marketing package.  Need proof on how we can help your business?  Take a look for yourself below.......

34 Benefits that will quadruple your production!

1. Make Calls using Landline or Cell Phone – This option gives our users the ultimate freedom to use our system and work when and where ever they need!  

2.  Make calls using computer based softphone – Don’t have a landline?  Don’t want to use up your minutes or data on a cell phone?  No problem, Dialermax has you covered.  All you need is an inexpensive headset and a free computer based softphone and we will do all the heavy lifting for you!

3.  Call Recording – The best way to guarantee quality assurance is to have a record of the phone call.  Recorded calls can be listened to directly through our hosted platform or emailed and downloaded. 

4.  Transfer Calls to outside Phone Numbers – You as a caller have the ability to transfer a live call to a phone number you type in.  You, the prospect and the third party will all be connected at once. You will have the ability then to press a button to leave the call leaving the third party and the prospect on to speak.

5.  Transfer Calls to Internal Closer Account – Similar to transferring calls to an outside phone number you will also have the ability to transfer your call to an internal closer account.  The closer would be given their own log-ins and they would log in to their closer account and wait for calls. A pre-programmed number can be set for that closer that will ring when a call transfers in.  When you transfer the call, the prospect, you, and the closer will all be connected at once. You then will have the ability to press a button to leave the call leaving the closer and the prospect on to speak. The closer can then disposition the call and type in notes from the prospect on their own screen. 

6.  Campaign Management – View all your calling campaigns with up to date status results from one main dashboard.  This gives you a birds eye overview of your entire call history.

7.  Agent Management – If you are a business owner, manager, or supervisor you will simply love this feature.  Log into your management account and visibly see how your callers are doing in real time.

8.  Lead Management CRM – One of the greatest feature to our Dialermax dialer is the ability and flexibility to track and manage prospects and leads.  You will easily be able to sort, disposition, track, schedule call backs, and much more with our complete lead management CRM built right into our dialer.

9.  Integration with Third-Party CRM Software – We have the ability to push your leads to a third-party CRM (Customer Relations Manager). These software programs allow you to manager you leads more effectively and depending on the CRM provider give you other features to improve follow up.

10.  Import Leads from Third Party Vendors – We have the ability to push leads from specific lead vendors into the Dialermax's system from the third-party vendors website. Once pushed over, the Dialermax's system will automatically create a campaign with that data and be ready to call.

11.  Real Time Lead Alerts from Third Party Vendors – When ever data is pushed over from your third-party lead vendors either via their web portal or in some vendors cases automatically, you will receive a alert on your Dialmax dash board in real time, letting you know a lead vendors has pushed through new data.

12.  Import Leads via CSV File – Have a list of prospects that need to be called?  No problem, by having the ability to import leads via CSV file, your existing lists are easily uploaded into our dialer.

13.  Full Calling Reports – Calling reports are where you can see when a campaign was called, exactly who was contacted, and a recording of the connected calls.  Allows you to get an in depth overview of your calling campaign.

14.  Full Campaign Statistics – Tracking your campaign statistics helps you to make wise decisions about future calling campaigns.  Tracking campaign statistics will show you total time logged in, number of talk minutes, number of call backs, number of answering machines, number of people on hold, number of emails sent, total calls made, total sale value, number of persons talked to, number of leads, number of DNC’s, count of no answers, count of busy numbers, count of not reachable, number of connected calls per hour, and more.   

15.  Change Caller ID – Would you like a different call back number for different campaigns from time to time?  Not a problem, you can change your caller ID internally at anytime for any calling campaign.

16.  Individual Click-to-Call Dialing – Not needing to call the entire campaign just a sect number or two?  We allow you the option to place individual calls within a campaign with our click-to-call feature.

17.  Custom Dispositions – Our easy to use interface allows you to simply point and click to disposition your calls.  Standard buttons include appointment, warm lead, call back, DNC etc., however you have the freedom to create any custom dispositions you wish.

18.  Take Notes and Automated Call Logs – During your call you have the ability to take notes in your call log.  These notes are great to add context to your custom disposition

19.  Sync with Gmail and Outlook – In the Dialermax system you have the ability to set up your email service.  This also gives you the ability to receive reminder emails of your appointments directly to your email inbox on the day of the appointment.

20.  Send Emails while Dialing – The email set up also allows you send out emails to customers while your on the phone with them.

21.  Customized Email Templates –  These are pre-made email templates that you send out to your customers while you are on the phone with them. They are fully customized as you can add in links, pictures, as well as attach documents to the template.

22.  Email Blast Campaigns – With the email set up you also have the ability to send out emails to a large group of customers at once.

23.  Daily Planner for Appointments and Scheduled Calls – Each day when you log into our dialer you will see a calendar of scheduled tasks that you have dispositioned

24.  FTC Abandonment Meter – Stay compliant with FTC rules at all times with our built in FTC abandonment meter.  For more information on outbound telemarketing rules please visit #link_2868705

25.  FTC Time Zone Protection – Never make an accidental call outside of FTC time guidelines.  On each campaign you will have to ability to set a time zone protection which will not allow the dialer to place calls during set times.

26.  Pre-Recorded Voicemails – You will have the ability to pre-record a voicemail to leave on a answering machine or voicemail.  This saves countless hours of having to repeat the same thing over and over manually.

27.  Customizable Dial Order – We offer complete flexibility on how you wish to dial your list.  You will have the luxury of being able to customize the order in which your list is to be called.

28.  Cloud-Based Access – Our platform is 100% cloud based and hosted for you.  This requires no downloads and space eating software on your computer.  All you need is access to the internet and your ready to call.

29.  Remote/Home Agents – Because our platform is hosted and cloud based, as long as you have access to the internet you can work anywhere.  You can literally be working poolside at the beach and letting he dialer work or you.

30.  Windows and Mac Compatible – Some people are Windows fans and others are Mac fans.  Our technology works equally well with both.

31.  Live Call-in Support – Have a question or need help?  Simply dial customer support and we would love to help you anyway that we can.

32.  Email and Chat Support – Email and chat support simply gives you the end user another easy way to contact us if you have a question.  By giving you multiple ways of contacting us it hopefully shows our commitment to you and your success.

33.  Monthly Price – By far the best value for a dialer in the industry.  We have three monthly options for a one line, three line, and four line dialer.  Want to save even more money?  Look into our annual option for the largest savings.

34.  Set-Up Fees – None, zip, nada!!!!!!  Our dialer had no set up fees!